back to article Google named babysitter for steroidal white space Wi-Fi

Google has been named as one of the nine companies the US Federal Communications Commission has selected to administer the database necessary for the management of unused broadcast-television bandwidth known as "white space". The FCC's order also provides pages of guidelines about how the database should be used locality-by- …


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Very sad for privacy.


this is not the title you are looking for

given Googles great track record on being neutral and not abusing things in the wifi spectrum is this a case of setting the wolf to guard the sheep?

unless there is something woefully wrong with the selection process how is it that they have ended up in such a position of power without an equally heavyweight partner to moderate their tone?

I know folks would scream and curse but imagine if this was Microsoft (who actually have experience operating in this area - they operate a network in whitespace already -

I'm not saying Google shouldn't be involved but given they are what measures are in place to stop them totally abusing this system for their own benefit?

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