back to article DWP seeks data for identity verification service

The Department for Work and Pensions has published a tender worth up to £2m for the supply of biographical data to identity online benefit claimants. The chosen supplier will provide biographical data to supplement information already available to the department, according to a notice published in the Official Journal of the …


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"As part of its fraud and error strategy, the DWP has a growing requirement to verify client information and provide a client risk profile."

Give all claimants a card with biographical data on it and a hand photo as a visual check.

Despite the fact that with the present Downing Street incumbents there ar elikley to be a lot more claimants this is in no way any form of I.D. card -- oh no, they got rid of them, the systems have been dismantled, the data has beed erased.

Wanna bet?


biographical data used for identity check

All we need now is an app to 'sign on' for us automatically.

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So the government scraps the biologically based ID cards and then finds another excuse to implement it... so much for getting rid of oppression.

Pity they also don't spend 2 million on clamping down on the people whose businesses while operating here are some how based on the tax free moon, or who live in palatial luxury and pay less income tax than great aunt matilda pays TV licence.

Makes me sick, but all the time the stupid muppets we have living in the UK keep voting for the same bunch of corrupt idiots (Labour, Conservative, Liberal) then we will get no where.

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Great Aunt Matilda

I do not know about your Great Aunt, but mine gets a free TV license along with my parents as well, just a few more years and I might get one.

I have no problem with people getting what they are entitled to get but would prefer it to be limited to those whose problems or situation entitle them to receive whatever it is.

Who would like anyone else just turning up and helping themselves to your pay cheque, pension or whatever?

I have relations who are entitled to receive certain allowances, (at least one has been through the special screening test and passed before getting the allowance). They have the entitlement, so they get their payment. I know bad stories make good TV and hucksters drawing payments for a dozen addresses make a strong point, but entitlement should be set against qualifying rules and only those who pass should receive payments. Not charlatans and crooks.

As for businesses that employ thousands and which do pay tax in this country, if the rules allow specific tax treatments and the rules are followed, is it the fault of those who follow the rules? Or should we just invoke mob rule and rob anyone who we do not like?

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Hard to comprehend but it looks like a database being used to replace an ID card

It will be interesting to see how they build up a persons profile based on Third Party information.

By this I take it they will use credit bureau data, charge accounts and all the other minutia that an average individual leaves behind in their travels.

I was asked to piece together my life's history a while back for a company profile and quite honestly I couldn't even remember when I was married, or much else. I remember the dates when I gained to other citizenships but little else. I remember where I was, and doing, when Kennedy was assassinated or the same when I heard about Princess Diana but not the dates.

My credit bureau history is a laugh. The UK one doesn't even have my name - when my UK bank forwarded my name to it they replied 'does not exist'.

My governmental correspondence has been through an e-mail system in Scandinavia, the couple of real mailings they did were c/o my bank. The one thing I do remember is my Army number - hard to forget those.

So where is this wonderful database going to fill it's crevices?

Passports? I remove all my used visas from my 'big version' passport as I am tired of buying replacements, so they can't collect that, don't use a UK driving licence or even own a car there. Never book travel in the UK, and usually switch passports when changing countries to achieve a degree of privacy. I love rail and road travel because there are minimal formalities.

Doomed to failure, like so many other government schemes.


Doesn't add up...

That figure for 2 million quid for 2 years, and around 200,000 claimants a year needing the extra data, I find it hard to believe. It begins to look as though they've hit the point of diminishing returns, and risk spending more than they could save.

Especially if there are the usual budget overruns on an IT project.

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