back to article Apple and Google: New CEOs, old strategies

Both Apple and Google saw their CEOs stepping into the background this month, for different reasons, but there was still a sense of an old guard standing aside. However, the change is likely to come from outside. Apple and Google, two of the companies that have helped define the new web age – once the closest of allies, now …


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Bloody facebook

I don't think Google has anything to fear from Facebook - lets face it, facebook is a one-trick-pony, and frankly one I (personally) can and do live without.

Search, on the other hand, I cannot. Search is the gateway to almost all facets of the web, not just some time-draining social site. Facebook is not the internet, just a big residential therein.

Likewise, not having a computing device tends to be a restriction on getting to either Google or facebook, so I don't think Apple has anything to fear either, apart from other kit shifters.

So in other words...the two CEO's of not-so-similar and non-dependant companies moved on, and everything ran as normal, and the world didn't end. Move along...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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