back to article Xiotech's go-much-faster storage brick

Xiotech has announced its go-faster hybrid ISE storage brick containing a mix of solid state drives and spinning disk drives. Xiotech's storage brick, the ISE (Intelligent Storage Element), is a single super disk drive, a sealed enclosure of 2.5-inch drives that are virtualised as a single disk, with drive manufacturer …


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Numbers not adding up

"The hybrid ISE is also a darn sight cheaper on $/GB terms at $14.03"

So a 14.4TB unit should cost ~$200,000 right?

"The 14.4TB Hybrid ISE [...] costs around $99,840"

One of these numbers must be wrong.


The text doesn't add up either...

"an IBM DS8700's 786 IOPS, a NetAp FAS 3270A's 2,4309 and an HP/3PAR F400's 1,163 IOPS" - I know IBM's storage doesn't set the world on fire, but 24309 for NetApp?

And is it a "Hybrid", "HYbrid" or "hybrid" ISE? Cos you've called it all 3.

Yours pedantically.

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