back to article BSkyB reels in Wi-Fi network operator The Cloud

BSkyB confirmed this morning that it bought Wi-Fi hotspot provider The Cloud Networks Ltd earlier this month for an undisclosed sum. It said the deal was subject to regulatory clearance in Jersey, where The Cloud recently inked a partnership with Jersey Telecom. Sky said it has bought The Cloud to beef up its mobile content …


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Apparently the 'open to everyone for free' O2 network requires you to 'sign up'


As for THIS website, frankly it DOESN'T need anyone to 'sign up', the information I gave you was utter fabrication just to get past the stupid idiot who write the sign up page. Why is it fabrication? Because the more I tell more websites who I am, my address, date of birth, inside leg measurement, dick length, hair style, girlfriends birthday, wifes height and the other irrelevant crap you all think is 'mandatory' the more chances there are of someone I don't like, don't want to know, want nothing to do with, tracking me down. So like most people on these sites the stuff I put on the 'sign up' page is crap. Given this why don't you people stop asking for it?

Its clearly crap - just read it.

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