back to article Verizon bundles Google Apps with small biz broadband

Verizon is now bundling Google's online Apps suite with broadband services for small- and medium-sized businesses. Known as Google Apps for Verizon, the new offering is available to any business that subcribes to Verizon internet service and Verizon's voice or TV service (or both), and it includes three free Google Apps …


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  1. K. Adams

    V & G

    You know, V and The Goog have been spending a lot of time together, lately. Think they're an item? I wonder what their kid(s) will be like...

  2. Version 1.0 Silver badge


    The sad thing is that Google apps just don't work that well for business. Oh, they've fun enough if you're a one men/woman enterprise and they look pretty on paper but when you actually come to try and make everything work together ... sadly they just don't stand up.

    V & G? - Google and Verizon together? I'd don't know whether to laugh or cry... maybe it's a starter marriage? The kids will be transvestites...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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