back to article Sony PSP2 to keep in touch with 3G

Sony's upcoming handheld games gadget, the PSP 2 has been exposed in a Japanese newspaper, with several specs revealed. The company is expected to officially divulge details later this week, but thanks to a report by Nikkei, impatient fans no longer need hold their breath. The story suggests the PSP 2 will feature an OLED …


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Does this one have a proper implementation of PKI?


Will it run android? and come with a call plan and be called a Nexus

Am I the only one who thinks those specs could equally be for any of the latest android phones?


3g? so will it be sold like a mobile?

i wonder if it be sold like a mobile phone? with a tarrif and a monthly sub? i hope it either comes with free 3g like the kindle. or the ability to stick any sim in it.

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dug out my old psp1000 the other day and played a few missions on ace combat x.

I love it, it's like a gameboy but better (not trying to troll, no offence intended)

won't be getting a new one unless it's truly awesome and becomes very cheap, although if i had cash to burn I'd definitely get one for a bit of fun.

after I'd finished playing ace combat, it looked at it for a bit and thought "this is valuable. it's a device that does stuff" (same kind of thing that occurs to most when they get a new laptop or something) but after thinking about it for a little longer, I wondered what it's use was?

fantastic device, wireless, optical drive, memory card slot, a load of features, online gaming etc... but what does it do other than play games?

I think the original was ahead of its time and even sony themselves were a bit confused about what it was for. It has the capability to do many other things but it is still very centered around the games.

So I put it back in its box and put that back on the shelf of valuable electronic devices that I never do anything with because the application they are intended for isn't important enough to have a device for.

Other geeks must suffer from this too, I'm certain I can't be the only one with a cupboard full of useless devices :)

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