back to article IT job market to revive in 2011

Job sites Dice and CareerBuilder have taken the pulse of the IT market, and the good news is that it looks like there actually is going to be a pulse in 2011. Dice polled 19,768 IT professionals from August 31 to November 15 last year to get a sense of what the IT job market looked like as 2010 came to a close, and to gauge …


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US market seems flat for 1st world

Wow I expected USA salaries to be much higher, I'm in South Africa which should have much lower salaries compared to first world countries and I'm earning more than the USA average.

I'm glad the IT industry in SA didn't take much of knock in the downturn.


Who'd work in IT

I don't know why anyone would want a career in IT when you can earn considerably more as a plumber.

I for one,. am fed up with being paid peanuts for my 20 years experience and qualifications, and the constant battle to keep myself educated, up-to-date.

It seems to me, the only way you can earn a decent wage that reflects your qualifications and experience is to become a contractor or work for an investment bank.

With the increased pressure from companies to outsource, we are quite literally losing our jobs to Indians, and this is applying downwards pressure on salaries.

My employer now, we have more Indians in our department than indigenous whites. Some are permanent employees, some are contractors based in the UK, others are part of our indian operation that come here for a couple of months to train up and for knowledge transfer - where we transfer our knowledge to them and they take our jobs but carry out the job in India - and we employ Indian based outsourcing companies too.

The IT industry in the UK is seriously going downhill.

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Germany is very alive already, perhaps because they know how to run an economy

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