back to article Australia’s eBay shopping grows strongly

American companies drive Australian journalists to distraction with their refusal to provide any detail about their local operations. If a US company condescends to hold a “latest quarter results” press conference in Australia, there’s no point in turning up. The question “how did your performance in Australia this quarter/ …


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> the appreciation of the Australian dollar has, at least in markets in which prices are allowed to move with the currency, made imports cheaper.

/me looks around for evidence of such a market...

Costco are doing this. HDDs and some low-end motherboards are also beginning to come down on There are lots of tiny webshops, but the lack of selection means that shipping bumps the prices up more that any savings.

Australian ecommerce retailers' websites are generally very poor - nothing like Scan or Dabs. Shipping from HK, the US or even the UK is generally cheaper for light goods, as long as you can stomach the shipping costs back if it doesn't work.

I wish Scan would come down here!


Did you factor in used goods into these calculations?

Used items would make up a significant proportion of Ebay's revenue, but used items do not attract GST. So this would reduce any hypothetical lost government revenue from Ebay sales you could calculate using Ebay's declared income as a basis.

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