back to article Blizzard green-lights fan-made StarCraft mod

Blizzard has claimed it never intended to hinder development of the World of Starcraft massive multiplayer online (MMO) mod being developed by Ryan Winzen, even though removed a preview video from YouTube yesterday. The company insisted that the removal of the video was simply a routine procedure while it discussed with the …


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Wow, I'll have to try that. "I punched you in the face but never intended to hurt you! It was... errr... a routine procedure!".


sounds like a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing

Oh, terribly sorry about that old bean, didnt know the press was going to pick that up, had to go and round up some rough and tumble gentlemen from marketing, run over to the legal side and our jolly nice friends at activision and break some fucking heads, what what?

terribly sorry about that, my dear fellow. you just cant get the staff these days.

//needs to be an eyeroll icon



"Our legal drones did a thing and we encountered a PR shit-storm. So we have turned 180 degrees and are now pretending that this opposite direction is what we meant to do all along. Nothing to see here."

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What was that, Blizzard ?

Being a dick is now routine procedure ?

My, how times have changed. Once upon a time it was unthinkable to attack someone else's work without being 100% sure that you had good cause and the moral upper hand. Nowadays, it's done automatically at the slightest whiff of challenge, with a provision to maybe reverse the decision a few months after it's too late.

Blizzard, you disappoint me greatly.

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