back to article Microsoft loses Windows consumer boss to Juniper Networks

Microsoft has lost yet another top exec, after Juniper Networks revealed yesterday that it had poached the software giant's Windows consumer marketing boss Brad Brooks. Brooks had been with Redmond since January 2002, when he began work on the company's biz development and marketing for various Windows products. According to …


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Gates Halo


Whereas Steve Jobs assembled a management team that could effectively replace him, Steve Ballmer seems to systematically root out any contender for the top spot. Honestly, I can't think of a single manager left there that could be the next CEO (Sinofsky's still working there? ...not for long!).


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It's really hard to think of anything other than rats fleeing a sinking ship - not that I'm equating these (I'm sure) lovely people with rats.


Fresh blood

Seems like a great place to get promoted, I hope to see some innovation from MS within the next 5 years.



I thought the Kinect was quite innovative? Some of the latest apps of it are even inspiring. For instance there is a roomba robot that you can command with gestures now (for instance if it missed cleaning a spot or did it badly).

MS has not primarily been an innovative company though and where it has tried to innovate it hasn't always been successful. e.g. XAML, the computer embedded in a table top, shadow touch sensoring, etc. They always have things going on but they are perhaps not always the most useful at first sight.


re: innovation

Yeah, your right, the Kinect is a wonderful device. As far as their tabletop device (surface), the latest version seems promising; it's now thin enough to hang on a wall and you can use it for things like scanning coupons.

I still think it will be interesting how they further innovate over the coming years because of the shake down and how it changes the feel of the company.

Like you said MS has not primarily been an innovative company though and where it has tried to innovate it hasn't always been.

Anonymous Coward

how much is Ballmer, how much is Sinofsky?

with all the other execs falling by the wayside is this Ballmer throwing his weight around or Sinofsky getting him to clear the way for his succession and using the cash cow of Windows as a tool to bend the monkey man to his will?

Most of the departures are folks who have in one way or another got in the way of the Cult of Sinofsky and/or were not proteges of his as he's carved his way upwards...

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