back to article Sony TVs, Blu-ray boxes to get web browser

Sony is to equip its tellies and Blu-ray Disc players with a web browser, Opera Software cheerfully said today. As well it might - its browser is the one Sony has selected. Opera will certainly feature in the the raft of new products Sony unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), many of which are expected to go …


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screen keyboard ?

And how do you type in the URL ?

a screen / IR remote is not the easiest way of typing,

so Sony sell lots of special keyboards as well ?

As for backward upgrading the tv's, Ha,

thats how Sony make money,

I have two almost identical TV's ( take the cover off and look )

By design, one can receive iPlayer, one can't ,

Now when will the Open community get to hack the Linux on Sony TV's ?

This topic is closed for new posts.


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