back to article Italian regulator asks for copyright reform after Google settlement

Italy's competition regulator has asked the Italian parliament to reform copyright law after accepting Google's settlement of a dispute with newspapers. It does not have the power to solve the problem of the exploitation of newspaper content, it said. The Italian Federation of Newspaper Editors had complained in 2009 that if …


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Berlusconi will amend the law in accordance with the regulator's suggestions....

.... as soon as he finds the time between a party and an orgy.

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Good one!

Big thumbs up!


" allow ... to withdraw content from [GN] w/out [it] disappearing from ... search results."

> "... to allow newspapers to withdraw content from Google News without content from that organisation disappearing from Google search results."

Sounds like a "have cake and eat it, too" problem...

They want Google to drive traffic to their websites, but they don't want Google to display the content that Google users need to make a choice on which websites to visit.

Old Media just doesn't get search engines (and by extension, the Internet), does it? I guess it all boils down to that old adage: "If you can't compete, legislate!"

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Not quite true.

The newspapers understand how the search engine works very well.

The issue is that Google News slurps up the data from the news sources and serves it up on their own, bypassing the news sites and the potential ad revenue.

So Google said that in order to stop this from happening, those newspapers will not be seen in Google's search results.

Hence the problem.

Methinks Google wasn't being entirely accurate as to what they can and cannot do.


"The issue is that [GN] slurps up the data from the news sources and serves it up on their own..."

It's a problem of semantics...

When searching for information, people want previews of that info, so they can make informed choices as to whether they want to invest their time in reading this or that website.

How can people do that (make informed choices), if Google doesn't present its users with (a certain amount of) the relevant info, from the get-go?

Grabbing my coat; gotta head to the corner box and pick up the latest daily...

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Sigh ...

The problem is (was) that Google News was showing the ENTIRE article to users - thus not driving custom to the paper's own site. The normal search engine was acting as you describe - showing an excerpt to give users an idea whether it's relevant or not.

When the papers complained about the blatant copyright infringement of slurping the entire article and showing it to users with Google pocketing any ad revenue - Googles answer was to remove the paper not only from Google News, but also from the search engine. In effect, Google was outright copying the output from a news organisation and distributing it itself - and if anyone complained the only remedy on offer was to make them disappear (to the majority who seem to thing that Google==Internet).

This agreement (leaving aside a few details) allows the paper to remain in the search engine (thus driving visitors to the newspaper's own site), but NOT show the entire articles in Google News (thus giving Google the ad revenue and making the papers miss out).



So none of the newspapers' online sites use google analytics?

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