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Well aware of the enduring appeal of the StarCraft for its myriad of fans, Razer has brought out a bunch of peripherals tailored to match the game’s latest incarnation, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Razer StarCraft II peripherals Light fantastic: Razer's Marauder keyboard The Razer Marauder keyboard, Spectre gaming mouse …


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  1. JDX Gold badge

    I wore them as a fashion accessory to deadmau5 at Earls Court.

    Either London is really a separate world, or that's some serious bellendery!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      1) Lucy is a gurl.

      2) Techno Electro House with Blue Neon Headphones!

      Whats not to like?

    2. Suburban Inmate

      BIG UP Lucy!

      As title says. I had a reeeeaaaaly long post but chrome has butter fingers, so there ya go..... Well done for looking freeeeekin gorgeous. No girl with those cans could look otherwise!!! (feel free to furnish me with moddellng shots of course) That is all. Ali (my real life nickname) out.

  2. jonathan keith

    I can has lazor?


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If only...

    This was a G15 compatible keyboard, it would be great with an LCD and programmable keys, it does look better qualith than the plasticy G15's and the lighting looks sharper too. how is the key feel?

  4. DRendar

    £120 for a Keyboard!!!




    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      according to the razer site

      it's €119.99 for Europe (including UK), and $119.99 for US... so standard exchange rate policies!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      could be worse

      Optimus Maximus keyboard.

    3. Heff

      x120 isnt so bad

      depending on a few things. Yes, Im serious. a decent Das or a Filco will cost you more than that, and a Topre even more still, but if you're serious about getting the best out of games with a competitive APM element, like SC or Starcraft, you will want a decent keyboard.

      is it NKRO?, Bastard-child-optimised-WASD 2+6 crap, or no-NKRO support at all? Tournament legal? Cherry switches or filmies? no ++keys is pretty shitty, too.

      If it doesnt have NKRO and it doesnt have mech/scissor switches I cant imagine its use for tournament anyway as the lack of NKRO will eat away at your possible APM.

      it would have been nice to see some actual shots of the products themselves rather than renders, but I guess I can go google.

      1. corrodedmonkee


        I just got my Filco this morning... was looking at this review and thought... wow, it's not mentioned anything about actually using the keyboard.

        The Marauder connects via two USB only, so no NKRO. It's non mechanical as well. It's a gimmick.

        By the weight of this Filco, it should last a long time, and if I need to, can replace the caps. It also doubles as something to beat a burglar with.

  5. Andrew Stevenson

    Tournament legal

    Is this keyboard allowed in tournaments?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Extra buttons?

    Note that apple manages to do very well with taking features away and asking a premium for it. They do manage to pick very, very carefully. So carefully in fact that what comes out seems almost magic for some reason.

    I thought the reduction in buttons was a good start. Though the micros~1-superfluous-extra-three could also go. You *really* don't need them playing games. Make the ctrl and alt big again and put in an actual fn key instead of overloading the right-hand alt (which is already overloaded in some locales as alt-grey). And hide the caps lock function as alt-caps lock, leaving the normal version for some other function like ctrl or meta or cokebottle.

    Not sure if I like the numpad re-arrangement. But then I grew up with using the numpad arrow layout. But even so I would seriously consider this thing for its more modest space requirements on the side that the mouse is also on, at least for right-handers. And that without playing starcraft II, something which I suppose I'll have to try somewhere in the future, though probably without this keyboard for the time being. It is a bit spendy after all and the current one still serves reasonably well.

  7. Suburban Inmate
    Thumb Down

    Nevermind the price

    As a southpaw, I mouse left and use the numpad + thumb the arrow buttons, so this would be a major handicap to me.

    YMMV, of course.

  8. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Hang on, did I see a cable on that mouse ?

    They're making such a highly priced set of kit and they didn't even make the mouse wireless ?

    I have a G7 mouse, a G15 keyboard and a Microsoft Strategic Commander (look it up, it's the best). Personally, I find no other combination of any interest whatsoever.

    Changing the key color following the situation of the base is cool, but I don't find that really useful. If you can't keep track of alerts, you're a goner, whatever the abilities of your keyboard. Being able to assign specific macros to any key seems interesting, although I'd like to see how that works in practice. Still, the G15 has macro keys, and a LED screen, which is really useful.

    No, the cool factor is sky-high, but I don't see that the set brings me anything technical I don't already have.

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