back to article Microsoft sends Windows 7 SP1 to OEMs

Russian Microsoft employees have pushed the button on Windows 7 service pack 1, by revealing that it is winging its way to computer manufacturers. As spotted by WinRumours, the company's Rusky Windows virtualisation bods confirmed that version 7601.17514.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850 is the final build and it will be in the laps of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    que all the apple and linux fanboi comments bleating on that it shouldent need any service packs in the first place...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Well, I for one

    have been running W7 ult flavour on 2 lapps with not one issue to report on the pair of them.

    It has worked faultlessley from day one. Even with some rather obscure software and hardware i have for various devices.

    I'm quite happy......

    1. Michael C


      I don't even understand where that is coming from. The way i see it, Apple gets a service pack almost monthly... a patch rollup of a bunch of fixes in a single download (with iTunes, Q@uicktime, and a few other apps outside of the core of the OS function patched separately). Os X gets a major update about every 18 months adding major features where Windows only puts out major versions every 3-4 years, so they have larger hops to account for when someone re-installs. I don't think any reasonable person thinks that's a negative for Microsoft...

      As for Linux, rarely is there a day when something is not updated. The lack of good, central controls for that is one thing i don;t like about linux. Yes, there's an app process that handles it all, and makes it simple, but there's no "scheduled roll-outs or predictable system to mold IT policy to.

      1. Doug Glass

        The key is ....

        .., use of the word "reasonable". But then, it is just like a bunch of fruities and nutters to do exactly what's expected of them.

    2. Michael C

      solid OS

      I also am happy with it. It does feel "unfinished" in places (consistency issues across core features, especialyl control panels), and the Win7 backup system still has the same bug as Vista RTM (image backups on HDDs are not recoverable in most cases if they have been overwritten by a later backup or if any permissions on the external HDD change after the backup is made, the boot CD simply doesn't see the backups and will not restore them, its a 3 year old bug, make your image backups on DVD if you care about your OS settings).

      Other than that, its damned stable, nice to look at, and only lacks a few features Apple and Linux have (virtual desktops, something like the Apple Finder, Expose, real-time backups, mostly minor features, but I use them all heavily when on Mac/Linux). it is my primary use OS, i mostly use OS X for video and photo editing, and Linux for simlpe servers.

      That said, i skipped Ultimate. No real value vs pro. Other (superior) encryption systems cost less to add and I only need one language at a time thanks...

    3. Ammaross Danan


      All software needs patches. Fortunately MS is willing to provide them (sometimes with new/extra features) for free.

      I can't say (like some others) that I've had no problems with Win7, but then again, I'm not a normal Win7 "print the pictures and surf the web" user. I'm just glad I can use Eyefinity to mirror my primary desktop to my HDTV and have a second monitor extend my desktop on the side (a feature WinXP couldn't manage, since it had to either extend or clone, no compromises).

      Now if I just didn't have to use WinXP Mode to run Civ4....

      1. James Melody

        WinXP mode?

        It "just works" for me on Win7 (64bit)

        Take two operating systems into the shower? Me, I just click and go.

      2. gratou

        patches for free?

        Really, w7 is a sp for vista. What worthwhile features does w7 have that vista doesn't? (well, I am shooting my own rethorical question in the foot, but he same could be asked for w7 vs XP, depending on what worthwhile is deemed to mean).

        I'd hate to be a vista customer having paid for sh!t and having to pay again to get it fixed with w7.

    4. Tom Maddox Silver badge


      I think you mean "cue."


    5. Anonymous Coward


      you mean cue

    6. Peter H. Coffin

      Make that two

      There's still an assortment of idiocies and "where'd they put it" with regard to setup and configuration, but the actual use of the OS has been decidedly not-crap, especially for a point-zero release. I can count the number of reboots needed in the past to resolve brokenness on one hand.

      And it still runs Diablo properly.

      1. Tom 35 Silver badge

        especially for a point-zero release

        I don't really count it as a point-zero release. It's more like Vista 1.5 with the name changed. People who bought Vista before the magic date for free upgrades to win7 got stiffed (again) when they had to pay the same price as XP users to upgrade to the working version.

    7. mccp
      Thumb Up

      Me too.

      W7x64 on a bootcamp Macbook Pro, and I have now even got my embedded Coldfire debugger to work with GDB now that I have updated drivers for it.

      And before the shouts of "You wouldn't have driver problems with OSX/Linux" start, try and find a decent BDM cable that is aimed at Windows.

    8. Doug Glass

      Yaeh Ain't it The Truth

      I installed, and played with for a while, the latest Ubuntu and there were something like 200 or so patches, fixes and updates to install. Every Linux distribution I've installed immediately want me to install a whole butt load of updates.

      Yeah, Linux is safer and more stable and every-other-frakkin'-thing you can think to say, but it has always required updates of some kind immediately after installation...lots of them I don't give a crap what they are for and don't give a crap what the Lunix Lummocks have to say, an update is and update is and update.

    9. Arctic fox

      I would not say that it has been a lifechanging experience but........

      .........I have installed it on two laptops, one conventional office pc and the HTPC I built for our living room. No issues at all even though one of the portables was already 2 1/2 years old (3 from launch) when W7 came out. Good, robust OS that has not given us here at Arctic Fox Hall any problems at all.

    10. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE:I don't even understand where that is coming from.

      It came from Bill Gates

  3. Ebaneezer Wanktrollop

    Vista SP1

    All the man years that went into Vista SP1 - all they needed to do was email registered users with the simple line:


    Best Vista Service Pack ever!

    1. Nick Galloway

      Almost but not quite...

      I think the command you are looking at is:

      FORMAT C: /Q/U

      1. Kool-Aid drinker

        and then...

        Take the HD to the crematorium. It's the only way to be sure.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          To Be Sure?

          I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I'm a mac user...

    ... and it 'shouldent' need any service packs in the first place...

    There, see, I did it Anonymous Coward first post type individual and I'm not even a mac fanboi.

    I'm a windows user too.

    I'm also a Linux user.

    Fuck me, I must be schitzo.

    Cue Anonymous cowards posting more tedious dated blather about mac v windows v linux that's been said 73132 times before.

    It's not what you've got that counts, it's what you do with it - but if you've got ALL of it, man, your just a legend, like me.

  5. Philippe

    what about windows 8?

    those Russians guys seem to always get the new toys first.

    Why can't they leak windows 8 so that we see what it looks like?

  6. my mother's pc
    Jobs Horns

    i lolled...

    You have to love Softies. Every “new” incarnation of Redmond's finest is hailed as the best version...ever...ever.

    I was going into a typical big city computer store just before Christmas. Outside was a group of young men, one of them was showing off his latest acquisition. It was a retail copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (the one in the black box) which he was brandishing about as you would a trophy. As I passed I heard one of the others gasp when told the price. I smiled to myself but didn't linger.

    Once I concluded my business I left the store to find the group of young men had been whittled down to just two. His face still beaming at his purchase he turned to his friend and said “Windows 8 is gonna rock!”, I nearly dropped my shopping bags on hearing this.

    I think this guys statement sums up your typical Softie's mentality. They sneer and laugh at those that use alternative platforms but will obediently spend hundreds of pounds whenever Microsoft says they have to have something new.

    People still come to me with the same problems with computers loaded with Windows 7 as they did with Vista and XP. The local computer shop bloke says Windows 7 has not changed a thing as far as the problems he confronts on a daily basis. So what has really changed?

    These are the same people that told every man and his dog that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Vista and the world had it's collective head up it's ass. They then quietly replaced Vista with 7 at the earliest opportunity.

    Yes I use Linux (as well as Windows XP), but I don't try and fool myself that it's perfect or a drop in replacement for Windows.

    If I had paid the Windows 7 asking price I would like to say “I'm ecstatic.....” not simply “I'm quite happy.....”.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Retail box suckers

      Thing is, it's not just the price of the OS but the fact that if you buy Windows 7 and then buy a new computer you can't easily opt out of getting another licence with the computer.

      I'd almost advise people not to bother buying a retail box version of Windows, put the money towards a new computer (if the one you have is a few years old).

      Of course this is probably the reason why Microsoft produce so many different versions of Windows. So the computer makers can bundle the entry level version and anyone wanting the full Windows experience has to then buy a more expensive version. End result two licences for one machine and more cash than if they had only bought one full edition.

      Why can't the edition of Windows be upgraded by running a tool and purchasing an upgrade?

    2. Arctic fox

      Funny that, your descripton appears to covers....

      ......those Apple customers who dance and sing in queues on launchday as well. I wonder why that might be the case?

      1. Snapper
        Thumb Up

        Too True!

        Every Mac comes with Mac OS Ultimate.

      2. TeeCee Gold badge

        Your wish is Redmond's command.....

        "Why can't the edition of Windows be upgraded by running a tool and purchasing an upgrade?"

        That'll be the "Windows anytime upgrade" option in the bottom left hand corner of the software update utility you are looking for. Yup, they even built it in before you asked for it*, uncanny isn't it?

        *Luckily for you, otherwise you'd have to go on TV and say that Windows 7 was your idea........

      3. Doug Glass

        "Dance and Sing"

        And tinkle and spread dust.

  7. Deadly_NZ

    And look what I found today

    Being highly suspicious of anything that wants to install automatically turn it off, and look what I found waiting to be installed

    It's a pre requisite to installing the service pack So what does it do anyone got any idea's, the website don't really help.

    1. Kool-Aid drinker

      @And look what I found today

      I'm sure it's OK. When did MS ever release an update that did any harm?

    2. Anonymous Coward

      what it does is....

      What it does is makes sure that a whole bunch of files are updated (including the update service) to versions that are needed for win7 sp1...

      The reasons for doing this are most probably to make sure stuff does not get broken when installing the service pack... more importantly; if stuff gets borked by KB976902 then it will just be a few quick fixes to a few dlls etc... Nothing to see, time to move on...

      But on the other hand,,, if installing SP1 breaks a whole bunch of windows 7 installs then all hell will break loose...the negative press will be a nightmare...where KB976902 will barely make a blip on el reg...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    The Good The Bad the Ugly - Tongue in Cheek.

    @ post 1 AC. I think you'll find, our stance is the fact that windows has never worked WITHOUT a service pack. NT4 was SP6a (sp3 before it WORKED), 2000 was sp3 . XP was SP2. 2003 server doesn't count. (came late had sp built in). Vista never worked. and then we have 7. Sorry to bunch it all up but i want to walk over this one quickly.

    7 works. I hate to say it but it does. Has loads of drivers, even unsupported hardware only requires a right click update in device manager (windows updates still misses some) sorts them out.

    (this from as far as 2000 drivers, for manufacturers that don't exist, or are not even supported by their vendor).

    However, lets have fun with a few fanboys:

    @doug. Start > All Programs > Microsoft / Windows Update. You'll find you have plenty, especially after a fresh install. duh.

    Michael C> the difference between windows updates and mac updates, a mac gets faster afterwards instead of slower. If you aren't aware of the huge corporate infrastructure management applications for linux, you haven't seen the landscape.

    But really, Linux and Windows updates are on par except for one point, you get it when it's done on linux, not next tuesday.

    Mac updates from install are a joke, Java update, reboot, java update, reboot, repeat 12 times. Last time i install tiger for someone.

    And jokes all around for this humorous topic :). Lets see if we can keep the flames alive on this post. (rlly this is just 4 fun, fire back :P )

    1. Doug Glass

      Button, button ...

      ...whose got the [hot] button.

  9. kain preacher Silver badge

    @Giles Jones

    On Win 7 the have whats called any time update. Run it and it will upgrade you windows version. Of couse for a small fee. I've seen stores sell the any time upgrade for half of what M charges if you get it from them directly .

  10. Deadly_NZ

    WIn 7 install

    Yep the first windows update on win 7 ran 165 megs but it did insall my non working sound card. And I have found that it's very good at fixing missing sound drivers that the install disk don't do.

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