back to article Penguin goes hybrid with ClusterWare

Penguin Computing, the makers of workstations and clusters aimed at HPC shops, also peddles various cluster management tools under the Scyld brand. Up until now, the Scyld ClusterWare cluster management tools have been wedded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its CentOS clones, but with the latest update to ClusterWare, Penguin …


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Anonymous Coward

Missed a bit

"Linux meets Windows HPC" - you missed a bit out of the title: ...and kicked it's ass.

the use of Windows and HPC in the same article, let alone the same sentence is a classic oxymoron


Windows HPC where?

"And - gasp! - because the hybrid extensions are truly agnostic concerning the operating system, there is no reason that it cannot, in theory, be used to spin up images of Microsoft's Windows HPC Server 2008 onto cluster nodes. Or, the current Solaris 10, the future Solaris 11, or Enterprise Linux, from Oracle, for that matter."

Nothing I've read about this is 'truly agnostic' at the operating system. The official line still says 'open, standards based' operating systems. SuSE, yes. Oracle Linux, probably. LSB modified Solaris .. stretching it. Windows?! Uh .. highly doubtful.

Unless you have access to a source other than you've quoted....

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There are no people who only _know_ Windows

All of the people I've seen so far claiming to _only_ know Windows, in fact don't actually _know_ Windows at all.

Just ask one of those people how to change file permissions on Windows XP professional, then on Windows XP home, or whatever other version they might be having. If they are using 9x or 2000, ask them where that clock.avi file in their Windows directory came from.

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