back to article HP to unveil WebOS tablets next month

HP has been sending out invites to an event its hosting on 9 February, and it's widely expected to focus on WebOS handsets and tablets. Don't take our word for it. HP senior Personal Systems staffer Todd Bradley told US TV channel CNBC last night that he'll talk about differentiating HP's offerings from Apple's iPad "on the …


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And what's wrong with that?

Most Set top boxes and IPTV systems are going towards either a thinly scripted STB or an STB based around the browser with the entire UI in the browser.

That is WebOS prime territory by design.

It will be like throwing the proverbial cat in the midst of the proverbial pigeons. Though in this case most of the pigeons stand very little chance of survival as they have had their wings clipped by various ugly hacked DIY frameworks. A dedicated app environment that natively lives in a browser will do a clean sweep here.

What HP needs to do is license it so it becomes the new de-facto STB standard.


Tru64 is dead

Long live Tru64!

Hate to be pessimistic, but not sure if this OS can compete against the two big boys...


WebOS on your telly, anyone?

Only if it has a keyboard - I've tried using a Samsung internet TV and using the remote to enter text is tedious...

Who cares what the OS is ?


No reason why it shouldn't...

Apple provide a QWERTY remote for Apple TV via the Remote App, no reason why Palm can't do the same via their own handsets, iOS and Android.

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