back to article Embotics delays Microsoft Hyper-V support

The customer is always right. At least until they go off maintenance. That's why Embotics – a maker of a virtual machine provisioning, capacity, and lifecycle management tool called V-Commander – has delayed support for Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor until later this year. V-Commander integrates with VMware's vCenter Server …


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  1. Danny 5

    i use both

    i have a 4 node ESX cluster and am building a 2 node Hyper V cluster for our local test setup. Hyper V looks pretty good and is easy to use, but it has nowhere near the configuration options when compared to ESX/Vsphere.

    another annoying thing about Hyper V is that the virtual SCSI controller it uses, is not recognized by FreeNAS, which i use for all my datastores and cluster storage, forcing me to use virtual IDE controllers, with all their limitations. ESX/Vsphere has no such troubles. of course i shouldn't complain about this really, as FreeNAS uses FreeBSD as host OS, it's no surprise that the Microsoft virtual SCSI driver wont work on that.

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