back to article Supercomputer boffins warm to clouds

A straw poll conducted at the SC10 supercomputing conference indicates that big HPC shops may be eyeing cloudy setups. HPC folks have had to share their servers, storage, and networks for many decades because of the high cost of building large-scale machines, but in general they've been loath to share and have therefore been …


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Good stuff.

The CPU-GPU model only works on a subset of cloud solvable problems.

For those who don't need the processing power of the top of the line GPU boards, you can pick up an NVIDIA GTX 460 board w 1GB of memory for around $200.00 (USD) Granted its not as powerful as the real deal, but with 330 CUDA cores its a cost effective solution that can be added to any cluster of 'commodity' machines.

You just need to have the C/C++ libraries and then JNI wrappers if you're using Java to run your M/J jobs.

Now if only large sized SSDs were 'commodity' and 10GB interconnects for each node ... (One can only dream...)

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