back to article Softbank gets sticky over iPhone proximity payments

Japanese network operator Softbank is to begin providing iPhone stickers enabling proximity payments for all the popular banks, for those who can't wait for an NFC-equipped iPhone. The stickers are designed for slapping on the back of an iPhone 4, thus adding something in the way of physical protection for the glass-backed …


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"...NFC-equipped iPhone..."

Given that it's possible to enable this feature with a stupid RFID tag ("sticker"), then it reveals that the technology has little inhernet connection to the phone itself. One might as well have the technology (a.k.a. sticker) installed into your underwear.

(And yes, I know that you can add a GUI via the phone... But apparently one can live without it too...)

Paris Hilton

I'm confused

Why does it need the phone?

Can't you just stick it on your wallet or something?

/Paris, 'cos *she* understands these things...

Anonymous Coward

I suppose...

Presumably they already have NFC cards in their wallet, along the lines of the recent bank cards in the UK... attaching this to your phone is a realization of the digital wallet, integrating the last thing left separate in your pocket (if you're a device consolidation fan) into your phone.

Not a fan personally would rather have my money and phone separated, I don't always need/want both and a bank card is small anyway but it is a neat idea.



>>Why does it need the phone?

Because when you say "IDでお願いします!" it is added to your mobile bill.. and you have a 10,000 Yen cap usually I think. So if it's coming on your phone bill it makes sense for the thing to be attached to your phone... Its really handy if you're waiting on money and need something to eat.

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Anti-competitive aspect

What I dislike about this is the loss of freedom to shop competitively. Cash works at all of the stores, but these various forms of customer-loyalty money lock you into specific vendors. You can wind up with a wallet full of credit cards and various store cards so you can shop between stores--or you can just surrender and fall back on using the same few stores all of the time. Sure, they'll tell you they are giving you the best prices, but I sure don't trust them.

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