back to article Genes Reunited server storm dumps pile of emails on mailing list

The mailing list of family history website Genes Reunited went bonkers on Monday, deluging a small minority of subscribers with more than 2,000 emails each. Reg reader Dave was the first to report on the message storm glitch but others have been affected, as a quick search on twitter reveals. "All the messages (all 2,486 of …


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Email - damn stuff

I have to send bulk (solicited) email. Writing the code and pressing "send" is a nervous time, even when you think you've tested everything.


It's unfortunately very easy to do

Once sent one person around 2000 copies of an email from a tiny script change even though it was meant to be sending all tests to me. Tiny coding error can do it or as in this case the server just doing what it "thinks" is helpful.

With LawLess on that nervy hand shaking above the enter button. :)

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