back to article Mickos and Eucalyptus lock arms with Red Hat

Marten Mickos – the former MySQL boss who now runs build-your-own-cloud startup Eucalyptus Systems – has hitched his new wagon to Red Hat. In more ways than one. Last month, Mickos and company announced a pact with Red Hat that will see Eucalyptus embrace the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) hypervisor as well as the …


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"We don't talk about an open-core model, and one reason is that it's not a term people understand... " On the contrary people do understand what "open core" and don't like it; as I see it basically it is bait and switch, get the punters hooked and when they want to expand hit them with the old "sorry, that feature is only available in our paid for service." As well as that it looks like the project is obeying the letter of the FLOSS way of doing things but not the spirit; something that is becoming more common. But I suppose that when you swim with sharks you must expect a bit of biting now and again.

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