back to article Skype gobbles mobile video startup

Skype has agreed to acquire Qik, a California-based outfit offering mobile software and services that let you capture and share video across phones as well as desktops and the web. Expected to close later this month, the deal is meant to speed Skype's march into mobile video. Qik's capture-and-share video apps are already …


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Does Skype really need them - it's video service is tops already!

Skype video has always proved a winner with easy configuration and operating when other systems failed to communicate.

Skype is such an asset - we couldn't do business without it.

I have been using Skype for years in my mini-hotel instead of a telephone system. All our rooms have computers (no TV's) with handsets to communicate with the front desk.

Soon, with some luck, we shall replace this system with a e-pad system.


Qik <insert angry invective here>

HTC EVO's come with QIK installed - I'm guessing so that it appears to be a decent competitor to iPhone's video chat capabilities. What a complete crap program. The stupid voice mute button (only on the receiving person's phone) is rediculous too. I've tried it a couple of times with other people with EVO and quickly tired of it - sad because I thought it would be cool to use, but the interface is rotten. I can only hope that if Skype uses QIK's software, they update the interface - AND allow it to do more than only interface with another phone. WTF? I can't video chat with someon on a PC webcam????

Where's the steaming turd icon?

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