back to article RIM reveals 4G PlayBook plans

Research in Motion is to launch a 4G version of its much-anticipated tablet, the PlayBook, this summer with US mobile operator Sprint Nextel. For the first time on Wednesday, RIM provided a hands-on demonstration of the Playbook, a 7in touch-screen tablet. A Wi-Fi only version launches in the US in March, and RIM is reporting …


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This is the tablet that requires a BlackBerry?

As in, if you've no BlackBerry then you don't get email or a calendar on your tablet? Or maybe I've fallen for propaganda?


you're righ ThomH

Unless they've changed their minds, you need a blackberry for this. And it's business orientated.

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Is RIM the answer for corporate "iPhan" equivalents?

It's interesting, if RIM is to believed, that corporate IT types support their pad/tablet against those of others in the marketplace.

It seems that RIM is a corporate 'fan' winner. It would be interesting to know why: Quality; Security; RIM compatibility?

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