back to article Google money chief vows, uh, return to China

Google says it wants to re-renter China, less than a year after famously told the world it would leave the country over an attack on the company's infrastructure by Chinese hackers. Patrick Pichette, the company's chief financial officer, tells The Times that the decision to depart China is a mere "road block" on its mission …


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As the old saying goes,

money talks, bullshit walks.

It's always the money, they don't give a flying f+++ about the Nobel prizes either, it's a mechanism for shifting Ads and that's all.

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RE: Neal 5

I have to agree there.

Although Google returning to China is good news, i generally think they're doing it for the money.

Big Brother

What governments cannot obtain legally they can buy from Google

Think about it.

Governments have rules that prevent them from eavesdropping on their citizens without due process of law.

Citizens expose far more information to Google that governments could ever wet dream of.

Since under Googles T&C's Google retain the right to resell all information flowing through their networks and GMail, then Google are perfectly legally entitled to resell access to that information to highest bidders (or even all of those who are prepared to pay enough).

Therefore one could surmise that Google may have very lucrative contracts in place with multiple governments around the world to furnish them with the information the governments are seeking.

Because of Commercial Confidentiality Google would not be obliged to reveal this. Only in countries where there were Freedom of Information Acts that were not encumbered with "National Interest" get out clauses could the actualite of this state of affairs be determinable.

China would appear to be a very lucrative market in this respect.

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