back to article Ex-IBM channel marketeers turn hired guns

Some high-level ex-IBMers have ganged up to create a virtual channel marketing department that IT vendors can hire to either augment or replace their own marketing efforts. The company they've created is called CTX Resources, and it's based in Westport, Connecticut, which is about 25 miles from IBM HQ in Armonk, New York. CTX …


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Interesting, but for whom?

Certainly an interesting collection of people with more than just Big Blue juice in their veins, but to whom are they selling their services? I would have thought the vendors would be loath to share a marketting resource for the sensitive nature of some launch marketting, which would seem to leave this new group chasing the after-launch marketting market, which seems quite well served by cross-industry marketting companies. Unless this is aimed at the channel? If so, it's unlikely you'd get so many names onboard without a good business case, and given their IBM backgrounds you have to wonder are IBM looking to outsource their channel?

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