back to article AMD gooses graphics, specs first CPU/GPU mashups

AMD has released a new series of GPUs that it claims increases its lead in mobile graphics, and it has revealed a bit more about its Fusion line of processors. "One year ago AMD claimed the title of undisputed technology leader in mobile graphics performance," said AMD graphics-division general manager Matt Skynner, "and since …


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  1. Britt Johnston

    fun times

    for the first time in a while (?) AMD and Intel are diverging, over their solutions to the energy-wasteful and costly GPU add-ons in laptops. Both will bring improvements over today's machines, and I look forward to my share of amazing computing experiences.

  2. Steve the Cynic Silver badge

    Did he really say 'more than forty years ago'?

    If so, he is showing his ignorance, or his inability to do basic arithmetic. The 8086 was introduced to market in 1978 (33 years ago this year), and the 80386 introduced the 32-bit architecture more commonly assumed when one talks about "x86" in 1985, just (!) 26 years ago.

  3. Robert E A Harvey

    Transpondian Lingo

    I have noticed several stories talking about Goosing things, and am having a reality failure. Where I come from "goosing" is a less-than-innocent intervention of one [fully dressed] adult upon another. The sort of thing made famous by Beryl Cook:

    (sorry about the origin of the image, google images has no taste at all.)

    Can someone offer a translation of the Left-pond usage for a rather startled brit?

    1. Giddy Kipper
      Paris Hilton

      @Robert E A Harvey

      Robert dear boy, the picture you have quoted from the Mail is not a depiction of goosing which is a pinch of the buttock.

      What appears to be going on is something which goes by many names - a Tony Bologna being one of them.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    powerful friends and still No clue, plus No reliable Linux Decode to date

    LOLhe may think "Fusion has powerful friends" but for all that PR Innovation, they still cant provide a single working reliable Linux video decode option in any UVD class never mind in the mobile sector, oop's

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