back to article Partners, kids force iPad owners to take more tablets

Tablets breed tablets, it seems, with 17 per cent of iPad owners having more than one in their home. A similar percentage of punters expect to purchase a second tablet too. Ditto e-book readers. According to UK pollster YouGov, 15 per cent of Kindle owners have one or more extra units. For Sony's Reader, 13 per cent of owners …


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Apple have engineered in the need for multiple iPads

By not allowing multiple user profiles in even the simplest form, Apple have purposely (cynically) engineered-in the need for multiple iPads rather than sharing. Anyone who has basic access to the iPad has access to any email accounts etc set up on it. It's not even possible to give a guest casual access without your email etc being accessed. Given that it was sometimes advertised as the ideal casual "pick it up and use" device this is woeful and is the reason I cannot recommend the iPad to anyone who asks me.


& @DZ-Jay

So what you both want, is a couple of Windows 7 tablets with roaming profiles?

/me runs away

IT Angle

My personal pad

Correct. Right now it is definitely my 'personal pad'.

I can't lock it up with a K-Lock, so I keep it in my briefcase. It's like handing someone my wallet, there is no need to hand someone my iPad.

True, I'm sure Captain Picard's PADD had 'user profiles' but guess what? Folks today are not graduates of Starfleet Academy, so I think it works best.

It would not be fun to deal with useless profiles and user accounts on the iPad. But if you want profiles and accounts, create a web application that does that. Require users to login, etc.


I call BS

In my house we have on average 2 computers per person, all with multiple profiles. Each have logins for all. By your logic we would only want one computer.

There are times when everyone is using at least one computer and multiple user profiles won't fix that.

I expect ipadding is much like that too.



Although what you say is true, it's not the whole reason. As the article suggests, even if the single iPad had multiple profiles, it still does not solve the issue of one person monopolising it.

I've seen this first hand in my house, whereas my wife used her* iPad all the time, leaving me to consider getting my own.


* I wanted an iPad, but I purchased it as a birthday present for her, with the full intention of taking over it once the shiny wore off on her. To my dismay, almost a whole year later, she still uses it most of the time. The nerve of some people!


Extra netbooks

It's not, I assure you, as though the significant others of the world haven't been strongly hinting that a netbook would be a fine Christmas gift.

Anonymous Coward


So people who can afford iPads can also afford multiple iPads? No kidding. I'm sure a similar percentage of people who own super cars also own more than one.

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