back to article WiMAX and LTE grab 4G moniker

The ITU has decided that both LTE and WiMAX may be known as "4G" technologies, despite neither properly qualifying as part of the fourth generation of mobile technologies. The International Telecommunications Union decided in November that only LTE-Advanced and its WiMAX equivalent (WirelessMAN-Advanced2) offered enough speed …


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Anonymous Coward

Wrong, plain wrong

"basically giving the marketeers free rein to use the term as they feel fit."

Marketeers are, simply put, Liars!

Allowing this will only confuse the consumer.

I wonder who received the back hander then?


call it cheese on toast

or whatever you want. but will someone just let me know when the revolution of mobile internet is here. til then im back off to sleep

This topic is closed for new posts.


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