back to article Xiotech could be leaving the prairie

Revived storage startup Xiotech has issued a denial that it is planning to move its headquarters from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. There are two prominent storage suppliers based in Minnesota: Compellent, which is being bought by Dell, and Xiotech. The latter supplies the unique ISE (Integrated Storage Element) brick or storage …


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Anonymous Coward

PR Droid translation.

We've made no formal announcements on this front and I can't comment on speculation – especially on matters that affect our employees

Thats a simple "YES" then.


Deja Vu

I remember back in 04 when xiotech had their last big layoff. It involved about 30% of their staff. One of their managers that coordinated the layoffs, was very proud of how the layoffs went. He actually said "they (employees) didn't see it coming". He later stated it was the best layoff he had ever been involved in. Hmmmm, hopefully what comes around goes around.

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