back to article Commission outlines how EU govts could standardise admin

The European Commission has published documents which it hopes will result in governments across Europe standardising the way they run their administrations. The Commission said the documents would help make government services interoperable. The Commission's European Interoperability Strategy (EIS) and the European …


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Anonymous Coward

legal, organisational, semantic and technical

They forgot "linguistic". The French will standardize their administration in a language other than French? Hell wil freeze over first.

Big Brother

Across the whole of the EU?

We haven't managed to have a single system for a kingdom which has supposedly been united for over 300 years.

Still - as a bureacrat I welcome the plethora of job opps that this will surely create.

I imagine it will all look something like Gilliam's Brazil when its finished.

Big brother is watching you - but on a low res monochrome wide angle CCTV recorded to VHS which has been taped over a few hundred cycles.

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