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It's time to say goodbye to 2010, because - let's face it - it was rubbish. It's also time to look ahead to 2011. Will you keep your job? Will you even keep hold of your data? These questions and many more will be answered at 2pm on 17 December by David King, CTO at Logica, David Roberts, executive director of the Corporate IT …


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Don't be so negative...

Look on the bright side for 2010:

*Gordon Brown got kicked out of number 10.

*Android became a competitor to Apple and overtook in sales in just a year.

*The minimum Wage increased.

*I had another birthday.

*We had another Christmas

Ok so i ran out of things for the last two but they still count =]

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Agreed, 2010=Crap.

I'm one of the many out on their arses already, its 'official' in 2011 but already a certainty.

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