back to article Euro cops mull crowd-sourced cybercrime data

Crowd-sourcing cybercrime reports could help the fight against online crime, according to a senior European Union official. Rob Wainwright, director of Europol, told a House of Lords sub-committee that plans for a European centre to fight cybercrime would include a facility for members of the public to report security attacks …


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Cart before horse again?

The knowledge gap is there because police agencies have no interest in expanding into internet fraud and scams.

Can't blame them really given the concentration of resources on anti-terrorism, chasing high media profile stuff (no matter how ephemeral those issues are in real crime terms), and the reluctance of the financial sector to admit that crime is even possible in their brave new world.

Only in a policing 2.0 world would user generated drivel count as "knowledge".


Perhaps they should start at the beginning

And require the Police to accept reports of fraud instead of fobbing people off by telling them to report it to their bank.

That way we know how much crime there is, banks would not be able to cover up the vast extent of the fraud supported by their lazy and incompetent security processes and just occasionally somebody might get caught for it.

I'm all for a webform where you can report "I was defrauded and my bank tried to sweep it under the carpet to keep up the pretense that they can spell sickuritay"

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Banks actually fund the cheque and card crime unit, which isn't a particularly good way of covering up fraud, is it?

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The knowledge gap started when the Plods shed bicycles for cars

When young, our local Plod used to lazily cycle around his beat, in Buckinghamshire, carefully making mental notes of what he saw.

These days days Plod has wheels and as they whiz by, they miss so much. Criminal activity nears eyes to be detected.

Sharing information will only act as a guidepost for Plods to alert them to things that might otherwise be missed.

One international credit card scam gang was found only because a detective, on foot, noticed unusual ATM use.


it's all about lady gaga

The ultimate plan is to have EU-wide blocking/filtering for intellectual property purposes - which also explains why Virgin's reaction to the govt's plans to block all "porn" was... "well, we can block websites... let's see what we can do to help"

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