back to article iPad gets portable TV tuner

You can now watch Freeview shows on your iPad or iPhone - on the move. Making mobile telly possible is Tizi, a gadget from Equinux which combines DVB-T tuner, Wi-Fi hotspot and a battery to keep them both ticking over. Equinux Tizi The £150 device picks up programmes and streams them over Wi-Fi to an app running on your …


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Why would you want one of these?

It doesn't use your wifi, it forces you to use a network specific to the device, so you can't use it and your network together (unless you happen to have a device with two radios as they helpfully point out).

It would need to retune if you take it anywhere out of your xmitter range (roughly 30 miles from where you last tuned it).

A rabbit ear is not going to get much of a signal where I live (Oxfordshire) and I suspect most of the non-metro bit of the country.

It requires a TV licence, or will shortly if Capita have anything to say.

Clearly, marketing to the fondle slab owners is their one hope.


TV Licencing will persue the Fanbois

It's all part of tyhe BBC/TVL/Capita plan to make everyone, not just people who watch TV programmes as they are broadcast, have to pay their Tax, whether they own a TV or not.

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