back to article Microsoft spins out Visual Studio SP1 beta

Microsoft began pushing out the first test service pack for its Visual Studio 2010 software product yesterday. Subscribers to the company’s Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) can now download the beta of the updates package. General availability of the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 test build will kick off tomorrow, said MS. The …


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Not surprising...

"However, Microsoft also warned that the beta breaks the Visual Studio Async CTP tool and it also plays havoc with Razor IntelliSense for those punters who have the ASP.NET MVC 3 RC installed."

So, a beta SP1 for VS2010 may break the 'betas' (okay Community Technology Preview, and Release Candidates) of other unfinished add-ons. Hardly surprising (or fair to criticise) - although worth warning people to wait a bit before installing if they use any of those add-ons.

What will happen is that the teams who did the other add-ons will update theirs to work with the new beta. I believe the MVC3 team have said they'll have theirs available on Friday.

Gates Halo

Business as Usual

Sounds about as finished as most Microsoft products ever get - might as well release it now.


Oh Dear

Too long sitting under a bridge waiting for the goat to come I think.

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