back to article Seagate puts out Barracuda Low Power Green

Seagate has quietly launched a green version of its Barracuda desktop drive, with three platters holding 1.5 or 2TB and spinning at a mere 5,900rpm. There was going to be a Barracuda LP (Low Power) a while ago, but it has become the Barracuda Green. There are two versions on Seagate's website, ones with a 32MB cache and 3Gbit/ …


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Interesting... that the Barracuda LP drives do exist, are labeled as "LP" variants and can be purchased (at least here in the US). I have a 2TB Barracuda LP drive doing duty in a FreeNAS box.

Some people have reported that these drives have problems that devolve into an issue with a clicking sound coming from the drive, followed by failure. I noticed that if the power usage level of the drive was changed to allow spindown, it would do so every few minutes. That's not good.

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Re: Interesting...

Just about every failed drive I've ever experienced has generated clicking noises prior to failure, regardless of manufacturer. It's the interminable read retries doing it.

The one exception was a 1980's vintage IBM midrange disk unit that the spindle bearings went west on. That one made a noise like someone wearing crampons and Freddie Kruger gloves sliding down the world's largest blackboard, as reproduced by Motorhead's PA system.

It was f***ing deafening in the stairwell outside the floor it was on and we drew lots for which poor bastard got to go into the machine room to turn it off.....


Umm...are you sure?

"The 6gig 2TB drive is much better, operating with 3.8watts, starting up with 2 Amps at 12 Volts, and idling with 4.5watts"

So it's more efficient to drive this all the time than it is to leave it idle? I doubt it - could someone review the core data?

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