back to article Moving to Windows 7: What to watch out for

According to you (pdf), dear reader, you're probably thinking about shifting to Windows 7 in the not too distant future. For some of you it’s imminent, while some of you are already knee-deep in the migration. Others are trying to figure out where and when to start. On 9 December at 11am we have a live broadcast where we’re …


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2009 phoned

wants it's webcast back.


Thinking of Windows 7?

Try Ubuntu. It worked for me.


Works for me too

until I want to run all the applications I need for a business, like payroll, ERP and so on.



Run on Unix servers or mainframe anyway. Unless you mean Sage accounts or something? I believe there are Payroll applications on Debian anyways, I do my Payroll and ERP on paper anyways.


you are joking?

Whats so hard???

Insert disc

boot Computer (generic)

install windows



use computer

what is so fucking hard????? and if it ran under the slug vista it will run under 7 so another wasted space article directed at the paranoid sysops that are still stuck in NT4.0 days

Come on some real news pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


No, No, No !!

Your going claim that! Are you crazy? Do you really think the average computer end user can do that? Damn! So do I, and in fact have done it four times so far and it couldn't have been easier. Just damn, it really is that easy. And everything worked ... how so un-geeky! Wow, next thing you know you won't have to be a formula race car driver to buy and operate a Mini Cooper. What is this world coming to when things get so easy as to not need the after-market gurus???

But you gotta pity the corporate world with tons of custom software written for XP. Oh well, live and learn. Or in their case live and never learn.



Hate to *POP* burst the bubble of the MS marketing droid who thought this up, but afraid I am still waiting for the dust to settle before I move up!

We got a little burnt by Vista, we won't get burnt twice! Windows 7 will come but all in good time, all in good time.



It might be quite easy to put 7 on a machine at home. But some people operate in a corporate environment where they have to manage group policies, shared drives, roaming and mandatory profiles, compatibility with certain apps. From what I've read on industry related forums there are many problems.


...The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

The main problem with rollign out win7 on a domain is that your users have a lot more control over the OS that they have ever had in previous windows versions.

Just to get this out of the way, i'm a linux user on my own kit, i only use windows at work where i have to, but i have to say that windows 7 is actually pretty good, and there is no way i could bring myself to install windows XP every again.

XP is pile of shit in comparison and your better off dealign with the little problems in windows 7 than continuing with XP.

I think.



it is about time for MS to ditch the whole bi-annual forklift upgrade process once and for all?

I mean the IT industry has moved on from the 80's and 90's, isn't it about time that MS caught up?

Why do you Windows shops continue to insist on tying yourselves to that dead horse?

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Save the criticism

I found it faster than XP and a lot faster than Vista, it's also very customizable compared to older versions.

The only criticism i have from it is the search for files and folder function is crap compared to XPs

I've used Win7 for 11 months now and the only problem i've had is a dodgy installation for Zonealarm (because it isn't actually compatible with Win7)

Avoid Zonealarm if you have Win7 as they advertise it for Win7, but in 90% of cases it causes a recurring BSOD until you use a restore point.

And that's the fault of a bad driver, not because of Windows, so no criticism here.


bad driver?

Why no criticism? Since when an OS doing its most basic job should BSOD because of a driver? I suspect most windows fanbois have never used a proper corporate OS like Solaris or HP-UX or AIX or old VMS (let alone a mainframe).

These OSes wil never ever let a driver or an app get in the way of the OS. Ever. By design.

Windows falls over all the time, sometimes freezes for a sec or two when you insert a USB key or a CD, lets apps install crap in its system folders, etc. Wtf? Windows is not a good OS. At all. It is flawed. By design. As long as people accept mediocrity and say such things as "the box crashed because of the driver, not the OS", MS will get away with inferior OSes.

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