back to article Rumbustious Rambus rampaging rebarbatively, again

It will be no surprise to hear that Rambus has set out on the IP infringement legal highway again. What is it this time? Rambus wants Broadcom, Freescale Semiconductor, LSI, MediaTek, NVIDIA and STMicroelectronics barred from importing products which allegedly infringe Rambus-owned patents known as the Dally and Barth …


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  1. D. M

    US patent

    The sooner the world gives finger to US patent, the better.

  2. Deadly_NZ

    Another usless american company

    Trying to survive on bullshit patents and NO product..... The sooner the US patents office burns down and all patents are lost the better the world will be!!!

  3. Deadly_NZ


    Actually why not just get the rest of the world to tell em to go screw em selves and refuse to hear any cases and refuse to abide by any useless american bullshit ruling that comes out of the patents court then the dumb yanks would be on thier own and tecnology would get better and cheaper because there would be more $$$$ for R&D and NONE for the greedy fucking patent lawyers................

  4. Anon


    What would be the impact on the USA if all those goods were banned from being imported? Other manufacturers wouldn't be able to ramp up production /that/ quickly to fill in the gap. Isn't there some law against attempting widespread disruption like that?

  5. Danny 14 Silver badge

    fuck the yanks

    thats the best way. Just pull business and refuse to do business with USA. Im sure china will gladly help.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      "china will gladly help"

      No it won't. Even the Chinese know that you don't go pissing off your highest debtor - he might default on his payments.

  6. Nerdo

    Founders and directors

    Farmwald and Horowitz aren't just directors; they are the founders of Rambus.

  7. Sly

    someone needs to buy up Rambus

    and then close all suits and let all Rambus executives and legal grunts go (are there any more employees left than that anyhow?).

    It's more BS like the original Rambus fiasco about their memory technology. and what happened?... everyone told Rambus to go to hell and switched to other memory technologies.

    The sooner Rambus is gone, the better.

  8. Josh 14

    1377345 / digits

    Eh, I doubt anyone's going to bother buying Rambus. It's a useless company other than trolling, much like SCO and a few other "IP clearinghouses" that are making a lot of noise with so little content.

    Personally, I'd like there to be a clause in the patent law to dissolve IP clearing houses that keep wasting the court's time like this. Or at least stick them with the full legal costs, like I've heard that the UK system does to those who're too happy bringing lawsuits...

    Grenade for the 'complaint' I'd like to file with their complaint's departments.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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