back to article Secunia recovers from DNS redirection hack

Security notification firm Secunia has confirmed that a DNS redirection hack was to blame for the redirection of surfers to a hacker site on Thursday. Secunia's authoritative DNS hosting was redirected for 70 minutes in the early hours of Thursday morning (Central European time). But because of the way DNS caching works, many …


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Anonymous Coward

remember your DNS accounts...

When it comes time to rotate your passwords.

Paris Hilton

Not compromised?

So it says no one's data was compromised. Does that mean none of their tools log in to their servers, or have any auto-update/news/whatever functionality that calls out to their servers? Because, if so, that means users may have been connecting to an attacker-controlled server. In theory, one could use this so send an 'auto-update' of their own, or otherwise send tainted input to the client.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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