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So far in this series we’ve been considering all things service delivery, with an emphasis on how the various elements of IT infrastructure can be managed as a single whole. IT infrastructure isn’t what it once was however, as demonstrated by the increasing range of ‘cloud-based’ options available from third parties. The word …


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Hmmm yeh but, no but?

Imagine (like most households?) there are a couple of computers in the house.

You and I might have some notion about how to share files and maybe even how to have a small networked disk accessible from, well, any computer in the house (and that now means notebooks, netbooks, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, desktops, ... ). And that can be fiddly.

But! The files I want to work on are on the computer that so-and-so is working on but I can't get at them without interrupting someone.

Yet at work I can log on to any computer and bongo! my files are there. But how do I do that (easily) at home?

Of course, there are many answers most of which depend upon the technical wherewithall and skills of the household in question (or even small business in question?)

An easy household (and small business solution?) is the cloud.

Besides, the cloud offers varying levels of services probably supporting various customer needs.

Cloud = faux home network easy-peasy, faux application updates easy-peasy with various levels of sophistication easy-peasy (or at least it has potential to do that).

Maybe it will take evolution a bit like iDisk so that one can access stuff offline on stronger machines?

It (the cloud that is) does have great potential.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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