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Today at 1pm we have a studio full of Project Management experts talking about the new dawn of project delivery. Reg reader Terry Dewhurst, who's also the IT director of transformation at, is with us to talk about his significant experiences and he's joined by Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics and Bob Walker, an …


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Get rid of Prince

...right you can all go home now,



Dale Vile

I wonder if he's really a nice guy?


Project Managers - Learn the technology...

...and stop hiding behind powerpoint BS. Then your team will respect you and your projects will start delivering.


A big chunk of our many, many PM's time

Seems to be spent trying to protect themselves from the other PM's who re busy trying to offload scope or spread the love, sorry blame. So even the relatively benign, 'solution focused' PM's get sucked into the maelstrom of fingerpointing and whining.

So basically if they could stop just being such a bunch of backstabbing c**ts, who actually try to work with the other streams, we may actually achieve something.

IT Angle

How can you manage something you don't understand?

The number of times I've heard a PM say 'Sorry I'm not technical so I'll need to......'

They're all about actions, meetings and unrealistic time-frames. We had a project manager attend a recent network installation, who was looking at his watch the whole time asking us 'How much longer?'. The guy gained no respect from anyone. Unfortunately when it comes down to recognition of a projects success or failure, it is often the PM who is recognised for success and anyone else when it is a failure.


It may not work in all situations...

But the most successful projects I've worked on have been the ones where the PM asked for a few informal updates over a coffee and just left me to get on with the work. They shielded the techies from PM concerns and just focused on delivery (this really only works if your techies are committed to delivering).

PM's have to report on status, but if (as a techie) you're dragged into 2 update meetings a day and numerous meetings\calls where your opinion is requested but rarely needed, you just burn project time and end up over budget.

Ex-techie PM's tend to be better at spotting this.

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