back to article Asus sidesteps tablets, debuts e-reader-cum-jotter

Asus has outed its Linux-based wireless-enabled e-book reader and digital notepad. Actually, there's rather a lot of media tablet about the Eee Note EA800, only the lack of a colour LCD limiting its ability to show video. It doesn't do Adobe Flash, either. Asus Eee Note EA800 What it does do is present a range of e-book, …


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  1. dogged
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    geting there

    First tablet-format device I've though "mm, yeah, I want one" about since the Courier got canned.

  2. FARfetched

    Looks nice

    A "range" of formats? About time e-reader firmware started giving us more than The One True Format. (Yeah, the iPad already does, but it's more general-purpose than an e-reader, OK?)

    If this sucker gets any traction in the market, it will probably kill off most of the also-rans, maybe the Nook too, and give the Kindle some serious heartburn. Amazon really needs to cave in and start supporting ePub and HTML on their little slabbie.

  3. Number6

    That Last Photo

    I like that last photo, reminiscent of something else, isn't it.

  4. Christian Berger Silver badge

    Hand it to Alan Kay please!

    Now once someone finds a way to "draw programs" effectively, this could start a new computer revolution. Unfortunately it's very unlikely they have a smart enough person working there.

    So please hand that device to Alan Kay and let him find out ways to turn it into something useful.

  5. Vladimir Tax

    camera makes sense

    the camera is present most likely not because "Asus can put one in" but for tasks such as making a copy of a document

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Battery Life

    The screen may well manage more shades of grey than eInk, but that's not much good with a pathetic battery life like that. 13.5 hours may sound a lot to laptop users, but people with eInk displays will be sniggering up their sleeves at the thought.

    It's a monochrome tablet not an ebook reader.

  7. Jack 12

    Might just be me....

    But this is pretty much the same as the Sony touchscreen readers, no? I've had one for about a year now and they were available for quite a while before that. Slightly bigger screen seems to be the only thing different here.

  8. John Robson Silver badge

    Does it have...

    A web browser / mail client?

    If so then I do want one - although I'd have been happy with e-ink and a greater runtime.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    e reader cum jotter?

    I hope it's got a wipe clean screen?

  10. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    I've got a shed load of PDF's I'd like to make notes on.

    I'm interested.

    Not sure I'd go as far as *buying* one.


  11. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    If you going to go LCD

    why restrict yourself to grayscale? I've been waiting for Asus to do a decent portable tablet device but without colour this ain't it.

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