back to article Microsoft pings first Office 2010 service pack beta at testers

Microsoft has released a private test build of the first service pack for its Office 2010 product to a select bunch through its MS Connect web portal. Testers received an email from Redmond in which they were invited to download beta build 14.0.6011.1000 from Microsoft’s site. WinRumours was first to report the arrival of the …


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Outlook and Word

Let's hope that they improve the rendering engine for HTML in outlook.


I Wonder.....

If this service pack will solve the problem of Outlook, Excel and Access running windows installer EVERY time they start up?

I recently "upgraded" from Office 2003 to 2010 (the wife got the "work at home" deal where she bought the Professional Plus version for just under a tenner otherwise I'd never have touched it!)

Installed it, rebooted, started all the programs, rebooted and then when I opened Outlook -

"Please wait while Windows installer configures this application", same with Excel and Access

Did some poking around on the internet and found a few "solutions" none of which worked for me. I opened a case with Microsoft, they had a poke around on my PC (doing exactly the same things I had already done as a result of my searches) only to be told "Sorry, we cant fix it but if you un-install Office, re format your hard drive, re-install Windows and then Re-Install office, that should work"

I wonder if you can guess what my reaction was to that?

Oh, yeah, I know I should be using Linux and open office but in my defence I'm a VERY lazy man, very Lazy :-)

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Re: I Wonder.....

I did the "work at home" deal too, but because I live in NZ, and paid a tenner as well, by my calculations I paid about 4.82 in Sterling.

Funny how that works isn't it?



"Complete Install" has always worked great for me. It's asking for the disk because there's something that wasn't picked to install during setup. Hence the three choices "Install", "Don't Install", and your problem "Install on First Use"

That said, perhaps SP1 is the fleshing-out of features that didn't make the deadline for go-live?


I did use the "Run all from my computer" Option

The program never asks for the "Disk" (mainly because it was a download), it just runs windows installer every time I try Outlook, Excel and Access.

You can even cancel the windows installer bit and get on with whatever you are wanting to do with no ill effects.

If it was something that simple then I'm pretty sure I'd have been able to fix it

Gates Horns

I'd rather Office 2007 Service Pack 3 please

The number of patches required to bring things up to speed now is crazy.

(Oh and XP Service Pack 4 would be nice too but I guess that's pushing my luck!)

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