back to article India claims RIM data deal, again

Indian government sources are again claiming that RIM will provide lawful intercept of all BlackBerry communications, despite the technical impossibility of doing so. A "senior home ministry official" is quoted, by Indian daily Mint, claiming that RIM has "in principle agreed to provide us recorded data from their servers". …


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Big Brother

Ministerial Communications

Jim Hacker: "But this [communiqué] may bear no relation to what we actually say."

Sir Humphrey: "No communiqué ever bears any relation to what you actually say."

Jim Hacker: "Why have one?"

Sir Humphrey: "Sort of exit visa; gets you past the press corps."


Can we just stop. . .

I just hope RIM will stand it's ground. . .

This is no longer funny, at first it all looks like yet another dumb request with lack of understanding. RIM answers with reason and puts their BES servers into the country, n.p. if that's what you want then by all means here's your own BES but we won't unlock it.

Now a few months later they realize that if someone has his own BES server or connects to a different BES server then RIM's that they can't control that traffic. (all SSL traffic kinda works that way huh O_o) So now the demand changed to, open your encryption, give us the master key naaaaauuuuwwwww. . .

This is getting out of hand. . . Compromising security means they can listen all over the world, not just India and I bet information like that will become commonly known amongst certain circles breaking the entire security model.

I repeat, I just hope RIM will stand it's ground!!!!!!


If it were me

I'd be saying the same as RIM "Yes we'll provide you with access to records held on BES servers"

Later followed by a way to access a list of all BlackBerry's associated with a BES server, and then followed by "Oh you wanted the data? Sorry, it's encrypted!"

Probably a good way to exit the Indian Market though

Anonymous Coward

Access to BES server

From what I am aware off yes, it is true that the encryption is end to end on the blackberry but....there it is possible to access the data and read it. How?

When the messages are received on the BES it is decrypted and then re-encrypted before it is sent out to its destination. At this point when the BES decrypts the message it can be offloaded in realtime and read. This is one reason why various governments including India are requiring the BES to be located in the home county and RIM doesn't allow it.

Now RIM would have to create some tools to read the data in realtime but this is just a technical and workable problem which the Indian government is asking for, so this theory of not being able to read because of the end to end encryption is simply not true or as the writer so eloquently put it bullocks.


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RIM have in fact not stayed silent - got this yesterday

Its probably wrong of me to just cut and paste from the article but basically they're saying its cobblers.

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