back to article Dell profits rise 144%

In another sign that the tech industry is maybe, just maybe, climbing slowly and haltingly out of the toilet, Dell announced Thursday that its third-quarter financial results were healthier than Wall Street thought they would be. "Dell is growing in the right areas, and I’m very excited about our momentum," said chairman and …


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Anonymous Coward

Not *&^%*&^ surprised

Dell are charging £380.00 for a 1TB SATA Drive and £480.00 for a 2TB SATA Drive.

Shopping around you can buy an expensive 1TB drive for £70.00 and a 2TB for £114.00, then buying a Dell style drive caddy for £28.00. Dell are making £280.00 markup for a 1TB Drive and £340.00 on a 2TB drive.

They say a fool and his money is soon parted, unfortunately they all appear to be in management and so they can not afford pay increases.



Makes what looks like a decent server price expensive once you add some storage, and there's no option for disk-less with a hardware RAID controller.

Looks like it'll be an HP then.


?! what?

Home consumers still buy Dell? FFS, even my parents scratch-build boxen.


A billion flys can't be wrong.

Dell, a prime example of you get what you pay for, only bought by bean counters, I don't know a self respecting techie who would touch them.

Our support and ops guys hate them, because you never know what they have in them.


This is what happens when you continuously raise prices...

Dell always puts their prices up every year by about 20% (and relocated their business to Eastern Europe for cheap manufacturing).

Our company has a group account with dell and we still get worse prices year on year, and now they are worse than machines on the Dell domestic website for the same spec.

There is no advantage to dealing with them any more, they used to be competitive but now their machines appear to be lower quality and much more expensive to boot. We are actively looking at what other suppliers can offer us now before dealing with Dell.

Dell sucks and I think their prices will alienate a lot of customers longer term.

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