back to article Oracle sues partner after multiple break-ins

Oracle has sued a remanufacturing partner for contract violations and losses after a warehouse operated by that unfortunate company was robbed of Oracle equipment not once, not twice, but three times. There are limits, it would appear, to Oracle's patience and forbearance. The target of Oracle's wrath is Multis, Limited, of …


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Moral: be Sun management, not a Sun partner

Jonathan Schwartz and company managed Sun into a $2.2B loss in the year ending June of 2009. Mr Schwartz walked away with $20M in cash from his stock grants after Oracle bought Sun.

Multis only lost them $330K in the following year.

Clearly, Multis weren't taking the whole thing seriously, hence the lawsuit instead of massive reward.

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It's that time of life for Ellison

Ellison is a publicity hound who likes to read about himself. Or he has the mid-life blues.

With the SAP trial winding down, he most likely thought it was time to shake up his supplier line.

Wonder if he had even paid for all of the lost items?


Much as I hate oracle

It does seem that the warehouse management were complete muppets (Only securing the broken window first time around gave me a hearty laugh) and frankly deserve to get sued and lose, even if it means Oracle benefits.


The way these things go....

You have to question the wisdom of a company who doesn't protect a warehouse full of high value kit, one assumes that $ millions must have been through it, and that the value of the stolen items a drop in the ocean, because if it wasn't then someone knew when they were there.

You can see that Oracle contracted Multis, who probably contracted the warehouse, I doubt they own it, unless it's on their site, even then they might not own the building fabric and site, that might well belong to a property company, who contract out management to a facilities company, who contract out security to a security company, and then contract out building work to an installer.

So it might actually be the facilities company who have failed, but the contractual flow down ensures you have to sue Multis who can then charge the .... oh well you get the idea.

Ultimately, I'll bet the lawyers make more out of this than Oracle will. And you think business is efficient, outsourcing takes inefficiencies to a whole new level. You want how much to change a light bulb...


Why is this a lawsuit at all?

Multis lost Oracle/Sun property and should be responsible for compensating the owner.


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