back to article Aussie outfit offers Brits rock-bottom price tellies

All hail the People's Republic of China! Without the PRC churning out electronic goods for next to nowt, how could operations like Australian business Kogan, newly set up in the UK, pledge to "end 'rip-off Britain' prices"? Selling direct over the web helps too, as does importing directly from the manufacturer. The company, …


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not that cheap!

The prices dont sound much different from the other manufacturors punting chinese tat...

For the top of the range, Id rather a supermarket special and collect a 32" Sony for 300notes...


Sony rip off

so your happy to pay the extra £100 just to have the sony tag even though sony use a generic screen used by other manufacturers....

Thumb Up

They are tops!

I have a couple of the Kogan tellies, plus one of their vacuum cleaners, and for their price (Australia is generally more expensive for equipment than a lot of other countries), you get a lot for the money.

The quality of the build on the units is top notch, customer service is good, price is good, and in a lot of cases they improve on things pretty well.

For instance, one of my Kogan LCD's (32 inch) uses an LG panel, but (thankfully!) does away with LG's absolutely hideous control interface, and replaces it with Kogans own design, which is much better.

If the price point works for you, they are definitely worth a try.

Here's hoping this plucky Aussie can make it in the UK! Competition FTW! :)

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