back to article Apple antennagate scapegoat scooped up by Cisco

Mark Papermaster, whom Apple had such a hard time wresting from IBM in 2008, and who took much of the flak for the iPhone's dodgy antenna, has moved on to Cisco. When recruited by Apple in 2008, Papermaster wasn't allowed to work for the first six months while Cupertino fought his corner disputing the non-competitive clause of …


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I swear to god...

...that the computer industry is full of people with programmed names...

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Papermaster should work for ticketmaster

"Mark Papermaster, whom Apple had such a hard time wresting from IBM in 2008"

Maybe they were wrestling with the wrong hand =]

anyone sick of these antennagate jokes yet?


Can't see the balloons?

Cisco not having over-inflated ego's? Perhaps not in their darkened private engineering labs, but the public facing engineers, plus the S&M people (Sales and Marketing) that I've ever met do good impressions of Bobble head characters.


only thing dodgy is yet another false story.

Papermaster didn't take any "flak" for a dodgy antenna until after he was let go, where you media types decided it was a case of "taking the wrap" when in fact the guy was just let go because he didn't fit in...

the Antenna was never dodgy in the first place, even today, there has never been a patch released for it... BECAUSE IT WORKS THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO..... and gets better reception than all the iPhones before it...

it is really disgusting the way you people disrespect history... taking the "flak" indeed... geesh come on, show some respect. go look for a single article that pointed to him, BEFORE he was let go... not even you people who make up false stories said anything about him, and Apple never said the antenna was a problem in the first place, and by golly people are using the phones just fine now... what exactly changed? NOTHING.... just the media lying dolts who decided to flog some other false story...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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