back to article Microsoft coaches NoSQL options for Azure cloud

Microsoft is working with NoSQL startups to simplify deployment of their databases on its Azure cloud. MongoDB-shop 10gen has told The Reg that it's close to announcing tighter integration between MongoDB and Azure. The news is expected next month. 10gen Roger Bodamer told The Reg that MongoDB will be integrated with Azure …


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The Windows factor

I can't understand why people would want to deploy all this excellent open source software... on Windows. What's the logic behind choosing Windows over Linux? It makes no sense to me at all.


Many reasons

First off, Azure != Windows. That’s not a reason...but worth bearing in mind.

As to choosing Windows as the underlying server's tied to several bits.

"What they know how to administer.”

"They have Windows clients and want to easily talk tot underlying server bits."

"Like it or not, Active Directory is actually Pretty Darn Good."

“Microsoft provide a known quality and quantity of support for their OS.”

“Which Linux Do I Choose ™, none of them seem to play nice with the other!”

“Want X device/program to ‘just work’ without faffing about on hostile forums.”


Some of these are more valid than others. Some will not seem valid at all given your personal situation. Some will set off explosive nerdrage or bigoted comtempt.

Same as it ever was.

As much as folks complain (and as much as I personally detest NT6X as a client OS,) Windows makes a Pretty Darn Good Server Platform nowadays. It’s expensive – no question about that – but really not much more than Linux. When you go the effort of looking at the TCO of a Linux shop versus a Microsoft Shop it can well be the MS shop is only 10-15% more expensive. Linux OS support contracts are expensive. Linux geeks are significantly more expensive than MS geeks.


This topic is closed for new posts.


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