back to article IBM's cloudy object vision stoked by EU

Fancy that: European tax-payers are coughing up for a €15.7m IBM research project about storing objects in the cloud with metadata. The EU-funded VISION Cloud (Virtualized Storage Services for the Future Internet) project will run for three years and is led by IBM Research in Israel, with 14 partners in a consortium. The aim …


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Anonymous Coward

It'll be funny when Western govs

start to tax products made it China so that they cost the same as if they were made in the West. It's gotta happen; to much unemployment/under employment here now, so govs are losing huge in tax revenue. At that point the Chinese will own all that technology as they'll simply take it over and they'll have free reign with that IP. I suppose then they could flood the world with cheap black market tech and put a lot companies out of business.

I won't shed any tears for companies affected, but it will be sad for the employees. Those few left.


t i t l e

I think you mean "free rein".

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